RESOLVE Software System for Accelerating Incident Resolution


RESOLVE Product Overview


RESOLVE is the best-of-breed software solution in the market for accelerated resolution of incidents. RESOLVE is ideal for Network and IT Operations centers with a very large scale of incidents with a strong business need for speedy and cost effective resolution of these incidents.



RESOLVE provides accelerated resolution through end-to-end automation capabilities as well as provides a fast and scalable solution for scenarios that have a large manual and human collaboration aspect to the resolution process, which typically forms the vast majority of incidents.



RESOLVE has revolutionized how incidents are handled for resolution for many businesses. One of the largest Internet Services Provider in the US has reported saving 20,000 L3 agent man hours annually by automating alert validation and diagnostics within the L1 resolution procedures. Another large IPTV service provider in the US has reported a monthly saving of $1.8M by enabling first call resolution with automation and process guidance.


How is RESOLVE different from other solutions? 

Traditional approaches for incident resolution have involved using IT Process Automation (ITPA) tools or Knowledge Management Solutions. Both these approaches have not been able to provide an effective strategy for Network and IT operations centers  


ITPA tools only address closed loop automation scenarios and fail to deliver when there are complex services or when resolution processes require manual or collaborative interaction, which is the case with a majority of incidents. Automation development is also a complex and costly effort requiring teams of specialized development teams and have failed to be an effective incident resolution tool for Operations centers. 


Knowledge Management solutions  are reactive in nature and don’t proactively resolve the incident before it becomes an escalation. Once an issue is escalated, the KM systems only allow a best effort search of relevant documents, but do not provide precise step-by-step and contextual guidance to drive resolution process for the L1 agent. This only leads to costly escalations and increased resolution times.


Resolve is the only Solution in the market that provides the end to end automation capabilities as well as provide a comprehensive set of tools to connect the L1 agent to the correct, context sensitive resolution procedure. Further Resolve revolutionizes the manual process by allowing embedded automations to dramatically drive human productivity within the manual process.


How does RESOLVE work? 

Resolve provides a wide range of capabilities that makes it the best solution in the market for incident resolution. 



Process Guidance


RESOLVE Guided Procedures form the backbone of the incident resolution process. Rather than provide generic reference knowledge documents that are not used and difficult to maintain, RESOLVE connects L1 agents the right context sensitive resolution to resolve incidents without escalations. Capabilities include:


  • Resolution Procedures with Embedded Automations to provide the contextual information required to make decisions and to repair the incident.
  • Dynamic Decision Trees to direct L1 agents to the right resolution procedure through a context generated set of question and answers
  • Resolution Dashboards to quickly isolate problem areas for complex services and navigate to decision trees for process guidance
  • Assessed Automation Results to summarize the technical details for consumption by an L1 agent while retaining necessary details for experienced agents




In addition to closed loop Automation, Resolve introduces the notion of “Human Guided Automation” where people, process guidance and automation come together to accelerate incident resolution and quicker, more significant value to be achieved from automation. 


  • Resolution  Builder to allow non –developers like L1 and L2 agents to be able to build automations quickly and at low cost
  • Pre-built Automation Library to expedite development and reduce time to roll out
  • Interactive Automations that can be embedded in manual resolution procedures and Decision Trees to reduce MTTR and error rates dramatically
  • Enterprise and Carrier Grade Platform to handle the most demanding scale of incidents and event automations.




Resolve provides capabilities that support all human contributors (e.g. L1 agents, L2/L3 SMEs and Automation Developers) to seamlessly and contextually collaborate in the resolution lifecycle, both during the resolution process as well as process improvement. Key capabilities in Resolve supporting this pillar include the following:


  • Collaborative Resolution to enable communications with peers to troubleshoot and resolve problems in context of issue.
  • Social Connectivity to provide feedback, reviews, flag content for improvement, forums, content creation and updates. 




Drawing deep insights from the nature of incidents and understanding gaps in the resolution process that need focus to drive further efficiency are essential to developing a solid resolution strategy. Capabilities in Resolve to address this area include:


  • Resolution Records totrack the complete audit history of every incident and all the automated actions, decisions, collaborative messages, and manual actions that were taken for the incident. 
  • Business ROI Reports tomeasure time and cost savings in the resolution phase from resolve automations and other tools such as guided procedures.
  • Analysis Tools to Identify Optimization Points to analyze most used automations, resolution paths for L1 agents, incidents requiring most resolution time, etc.




Resolve does not look at maintenance as an offline activity performed periodically, but rather a core capability built into the use of the tool. The following are the capabilities in Resolve supporting this need.


  • Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) methodology for content creation and maintenance, including the development of automation by L2 and SME agents.
  • Resolution Record to capture details and trends for process improvement.
  • Social Connectivity to automatically follow and be notified of feedback, review and improvement requests.
  • Content Request Workflow to supports structured management of  content. 





RESOLVE is the right system for your organization if you're looking to:

  • Reduce footprint of incidents that need manual resolution 
  • Decrease time to resolution of incidents without adding staff, while also reducing cost of incident handling
  • Empower Level 1 agents with information and automation to reliably and consistently resolve incidents 
  • Dramatically reduce escalations to higher level agents (Level 2 and Field dispatch)
  • Adopt an incident resolution system that is designed for long term scalability and maintainability
  • Stem any loss of revenue or customers due to service outages and performance issues



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