RESOLVE Software System for Accelerating Incident Resolution

RESOLVE is the most productive software system available for Network Ops and IT Ops organizations. It’s designed for accelerating the resolution of all incidents tracked in Event Management tools like IBM Netcool or Ticketing Systems such as BMC Remedy.


RESOLVE uniquely provides comprehensive capabilities for applying automation to all incident resolution procedures, including the full automation of select procedures for complete machine execution, and the partial automation of engineer-driven procedures, where automated steps are embedded into guided manual procedures.


RESOLVE also enables you to integrate content – instructions, information and knowledge – directly into each step of the RESOLVE Guided Procedures you create for your engineers. As a result, you can shift the handling of resolution procedures to lower level engineers because of the intelligence you can build into each Guided Procedure to ensure their success.


In addition to automation and integrated content, the RESOLVE System also includes social collaboration capabilities, so that engineers can reach out for assistance from individuals and teams directly from the Guided Procedure they are using.


RESOLVE automatically captures a Resolution Record every time a Guided Procedure is used. Every step in the procedure is time stamped, all diagnostic data is captured, and all decisions and communications are recorded. In addition, engineers are prompted for suggestions to improve a procedure each time it’s used. Resolution Records are a rich source of data to inform the iterative improvement procedures.


RESOLVE has also been recognized by Gartner as a top automation product and has led to gen-E being recognized on the Red Herring Global top 100 list of innovative companies.


Some Features of the RESOLVE System:


High Performance Architecture

RESOLVE leverages Cassandra, which provides a quantum jump in performance, scaling, and server efficiency.  Resolve further incorporates staged event-driven architecture (SEDA), workload balancing and unrivaled horizontal and vertical scalability.


Integrated Automation Framework

In addition to high performance automation capabilities, including unrivaled horizontal and vertical scalability, RESOLVE combines the power of Content Management and Social Collaboration in an automation framework layer to enable a seamless Guided Procedure experience.


Decision Trees

This patent-pending feature is used in the creation of Guided Procedures.  With this feature, engineers can perform self-service troubleshooting and push-button automation for diagnostics and remediation for even the most complex tasks.


Connector Library

RESOLVE offers an extensive connector library with out-of-the box integration capabilities to other products, including leading event management alert systems and service management ticketing systems.


Interactive Guided Procedure Designer

RESOLVE removes the requirement for advanced experience and coding skills by giving authors an intuitive interface for easily creating custom workflows, forms and tables. The simple drag-and-drop interface enables authors to design new procedures on the fly.


Process Analytics

RESOLVE includes analytics and packaged reports aimed to inform users on the current state and relevant trends of procedures being automated and monitored from within the Resolve System. Each procedure within RESOLVE presents an opportunity to extract relevant, actionable KPIs that feed downstream efforts toward iterative improvement. Includes administrative reports, business reports, procedure execution reports, and content management reports.


  • Reduce event noise 
  • Decrease MTTR without adding staff
  • Reduce escalations to Level 2 and 3
  • Reduce downtime and outages
  • Increase first-level resolution rates
  • Increase standardization of incident processing 



Case Study: Resolve Software System Case Study



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